Acumen Portfolio Solutions



Our approach focuses on thorough pre-planning of the design process, key to this is early consultation with all the appropriate stakeholders including public bodies, agents, funders and specialist contractors to determine the key design parameters and constraints.

Early Works Packages

Our experience has shown that a small investment at an early stage of a project can render significant cost and time rewards as the project develops. Early site investigation, site remediation and enabling works packages provides valuable information for the design team and cuts out costly re-design work at a later stage in the design process.

Cost Planning

A detailed cost plan is a key ingredient in an efficient design process, we prepare cost plans which are bespoke to the requirements of the project and the other members of the design team. Having established the project cost plan we set tough but realistic cost targets for individual packages of work controlling costs at this detailed level ensures that the overall design is not subject to last minute cost cutting which rarely render the required savings.

Design Program

Preparation and regular monitoring of a detailed design program injects pace into a process which can otherwise loose its way. The design program incorporates regular reviews with all of the different stakeholders in the project to ensure that design progress remains on track.


We believe in clearly setting out the duties of all of the members of the design team. We ensure that all consultants are appointed under a bespoke agreement which clearly defines the scope of their work and the time, quality and cost constraints within which their services will be delivered.

Design Review

We believe that good design is an iterative process whereby the design is refined over a period of time from the initial concept through to the finalized scheme. Our design work shops focus on specific areas of the design to ensure that the overall design progresses in a balanced fashion at pace.