Acumen Portfolio Solutions


Investment Analysis

The pre-investment detailed analysis and report upon particular investment opportunities, including specific development finance or portfolio acquisition. Analysis would include, as appropriate review of planning constraints, budget/cost allowances, delivery programme, construction processes and asset management procedures and adherence thereto.

Due Diligence

The post-investment on-going (generally monthly) analysis and report upon a developerʼs adherence to a project specific business plan and Loan Agreement. To review the appropriate release of funding, progress against programme across all deliverables, build quality, accrued and projected costs against facility and fulfilment of contractual conditions and planning constraints/ obligations.

Project Audit

A one off post-investment analysis and report on a specific development. This service would encompass much of the services provided under the Due Diligence process, but would be provided where an independent review was required to establish the extent of any risk or exposure to the Funder. Acumen would provide either focussed analysis upon a particular risk or a general review, as required.

Project Monitoring

A resultant service that would arise where a funder believes a more hands on approach is required where an unacceptable level of risk or exposure has become apparent. The actual service to be provided would be dependant upon the risk, and would normally involve working alongside the Developer to assist in the managing and negation of the specific risk.

Distressed Project Recovery

Acumen has the ability, due to its experienced personnel and problem solving approach, to step in, complete a development and minimise the funderʼs exposure where the developer has become unable to fulfil its obligations under the Loan Agreement. This ʻdisaster recoveryʼ service can potentially realise significant benefit to the funder, and provides an alternative to a simple fire sale and the likely crystallisation of significant loss.