Acumen Portfolio Solutions




Our experience in Main Contracting and Construction Management procurement options and variations on these themes ensures that the most appropriate procurement method can be employed on a particular project.

Contractors, Sub-contractors and Suppliers Our track record provides an insight into the relationships that we have forged at a personal level with many of the leading Contractors, Sub-contractors and Suppliers in the UK Republic of Ireland and Central Europe. These relationships built up over many years can be used to benefit every stage of the project.


We have in house tendering experience at the highest level from both the Contractor and Clients perspective and this has given us a unique insight into this critical stage of any project. We understand the significance of leaving “un-brought” items of the project and the difference between contractors costs and contractors prices.


Key to a successful tender process is the quality of documentation we review tender documents with a Contractors eye to ensure that they clearly set out the rights on obligations of each of the parties going forward.


We have a wide knowledge of the standard forms of contract in use in the UK, Republic of Ireland and internationally. We ensure that all of the Contractors and Subcontractors on the project are appointed under detailed executed agreements which clearly set out their obligations in terms of time, quality and cost.


Our experience as both Contractor and Developer has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the critical role of project funding. We understand the importance of funding documentation, collateral warranties and drawdown procedures in the overall development process and recognize the important contribution that the funding partner can make to a project.