Acumen Portfolio Solutions



Understanding the physical constraints posed by a particular site and achieving cost effective solutions is one of the foundations for a successful project.

Our team has a wealth of experience delivering value from challenged assets.


Review of the planning status along with opportunities for securing additional value through the planning process.

We have an in-house team with a proven track record of securing planning gain.


Understanding the financial constraints on a project and de-risking the project for example through phased delivery is a key consideration in the current environment.


Over the years the Acumen team has formed relationships with a number of legal firms of the requisite size an experience. Many of these firms are based outside of central London and are in a position to provide high caliber legal advice at competitive cost.


Often forgotten in project planning Acumen view is that projects to not proceed to a successful conclusion on their own they need to be driven forward. Acumen has a ʻcan doʼ attitude that will inject pace into the development process to ensure that all goals are achieved.