Acumen Portfolio Solutions



Our experience as Contractors and Developers has given us a unique understanding of the value of time. We understand how to inject pace into the project and the benefits that a project with momentum can have for all of the parties involved.

Quality Management

We believe that Quality is a state of mind that must run through the project from start to finish. That is why we place so much emphasis on good quality design, tender and contract documentation. At the implementation stage we focus on site presence to ensure that quality standards are maintained supplemented with a paper based quality management system rather than the other way around.

Cost Management

As both a Contractor and a client we are keenly aware of the difference between controlling costs and reporting costs. Our philosophy is to continually look for better more cost effective solutions throughout the life of the project. This continuous process of value engineering right up to the practical completion identifies savings which go to offset unforeseen costs which will inevitably arise during the delivery of a major project. This allows us to actively control costs as opposed to simply reporting on them.

Handover Documentation

We are well aware of the value of handover documentation which is both accurate and accessible. Poor handover documentation can undermine the end value of an asset particularly in the current climate and outstanding issues relating to insurances, planning obligations and title can render a project almost unmarketable. We have the experience and the industry contacts to formulate an appropriate strategy to address such issues at an early stage.


Formulation of an effective handover strategy at the completion of the project can be key to further refine the financial performance of a scheme. We have a wealth of experience in developing phased handover strategies which can facilitate early release of income whilst maintaining the quality standards of the project.

Claims Management

We work with suppliers and professionals to ensure that good relations are maintained throughout the development process. Where difficulties are encountered we have the experience to resolve these before a dispute crystallises and ensure that progress is maintained. Where circumstances dictate we have the experience to be able to review, identify and close out contractual liabilities with professionals and contractors.